Safe Plug Technology

MicroFridge combination units are staples in college dorms and military barracks. False fire alarms can also be a part of the college experience. Which is why, when creating our appliances, we kept fire safety in mind.

We’ve created not 1 but 2 patented ways to aid in fire safety and prevention, as well as minimize false fire alarms:

  1. 1st Defense Smoke Sensor
    • If smoke is detected while the microwave is in use, the microwave will automatically shut itself off until the smoke dissipates.
    • Check out our blog post to learn more about the smoke sensor.
  2. Safe Plug
    • The Safe Plug is patented technology that conserves electricity and reduces potential fire hazards that can be caused by overloaded circuits. 

How it works? 

  • Our combination appliances are engineered with a unique One-Plug to the wall operation. When assembling the combination unit the blue plug on the back of the refrigerator gets plugged into the back of the microwave, and the plug for the microwave is the only plug that goes into a wall outlet.  
  • The Safe Plug technology is built into the microwave itself. When in use the microwave will temporarily shut off the power to the refrigerator and charging outlets, to prevent the circuits from overloading. When the microwave is no longer in use the power to the refrigerator and charging outlets will resume.  



  • This technology is patented exclusively to MicroFridge.  
  • Institutions won’t have to worry about overloaded or blown circuits, and high energy consumption. 
  • All units that have the Safe Plug are Energy Star Rated. 
  • This technology controls the microwave, refrigerators, the extra outlets and charging station on the microwave. 
  • Never draws more than 11-15 amps of current. 

ipod in outlet    charging station

Our full lineup of combination units can be found here. If you’re looking for units that have this technology, look for the Safe Plug logo safe plug logo .

Click here if you have additional questions or would like more information on the Safe Plug or check out this video to see the Safe Plug in action.

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