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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our Next Generation MicroFridge® combination appliance come with an internal smoke sensor in the microwave—our patent-pending 1st Defense™ Smoke Sensor. The internal smoke sensor detects smoke inside the microwave. Then, it automatically shuts down the microwave and alerts the user before any damage is done, such as unnecessary fire alarms going off from burnt popcorn.

When the 1st Defense™ Smoke Sensor detects smoke and shuts off the microwave, the control panel will read ERROR and the microwave oven will beep. To reengage the microwave, open the microwave door to dissipate the limited amounts of smoke which caused the 1st Defense™ Smoke Sensor to automatically shut down the microwave. Carefully remove the item which you were reheating or cooking in the microwave. Then, close the door and press the CLEAR/OFF button, which is located on the bottom RIGHT of the microwave control panel.

Our NEW USB charging station provides a safer and more convenient charging station for students, guests, and residents to charge up to 3 small, personal electronic devices , such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, at one time by providing 2 USB ports and 1 traditional three prong outlet.

The NEW USB charging station is limited to only 4 AMPS to prevent blown fuses or overloaded circuits which may cause fires. Should an item plugged into any of the 3 charging station outlets exceed 4 AMPS, power will be cut to the charging station and the 4 AMPS MAX FRONT reset button, which is located on the RIGHT of the microwave, will flash blue to alert you. To reset, unplug the item/s which exceeded the total maximum 4 AMPs, and press the flashing blue reset button.

Even if your building is new, there still may be some issues regarding electrical capacity in your rooms. Unless you have a dedicated electrical circuit for the refrigerator and microwave, you may run the risk of overloading circuits. In addition, when you add the use of other electrical appliances—items such as hair dryers, coffee makers, irons and such—total power consumption increases. By using the genuine MicroFridge® combination appliance you can eliminate potential problems caused by using multiple appliances simultaneously.

Plus,our Next Generation of MicroFridge® offers 1st Defense™ smoke sensor which helps to prevent fire alarms from going off and is exclusive to MicroFridge®.

In those applications where there is ample electrical capability or where you don’t need to be concerned about unnecessary fire alarms from going off, we over our reliable one-plug-to-the-wall snackmate by MicroFridge combination appliance.

Our NEW snackmate by MicroFridge® combination appliances, like our MicroFridge® combination appliances, are one-plug-to-the-wall combination appliances with 3 minute delay and are Energy Star® rated. However, the snackmate by MicroFridge® models do not offer the patented Safe Plug™ Technology, NEW 1st Defense™ Smoke Sensor and NEW USB Front Charging Station. The snackmate models are only available in black and come with a 5-year Industry warranty with on-site service.

Next Generation MicroFridge® combination appliances have the strongest 7-year industry warranty. snackmate by MicroFridge® combination appliances come with a 5-Year industry warranty. And, Danby branded product warranties vary between 12 months to 18 months are warrantied for 24 months. All of industry warranties come with on-premises service on all of the products and brands. Simply call our toll-free customer care line, 800-637-7567, and we will send a service technician to your location. There is nothing that compares to MicroFridge® when it comes to services.

The ice compartment in single door refrigerators are not designed for long term freezing. It’s best for ice cubes and other items with high water content. Unfortunately, the ice compartment cannot keep ice cream or frozen dinners completely frozen.

Our 2-door combination appliances and refrigerators offer a separate, spacious true-zero degree freezer compartments which can hold and thoroughly freeze ice cream, frozen entrees, frozen juices, and plenty of ice.

A frost-free freezer does not need defrosting. There is no need to scrape off accumulated ice from the freezer as in a manual defrost freezer. Food stored inside is easier to see because it is clear of ice and it is easier to access since the food doesn’t stick together. The freezer should be cleaned out once a year or more often if dirt or food residues are visible. Simply turn off the power source, empty the freezer, wipe it with a baking soda solution, rinse, towel dry, and then replace the food.


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