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One in every room

This program provides a safe, controlled, and convenient way for students to store and heat food in their rooms, while generating revenue for the institution. When a college or university contracts with MicroFridge® for the One In Every Room program, MicroFridge® delivers, installs and provides maintenance for each appliance in all standard residence hall rooms. The school provides annual inventory counts, insures the units, and cleans them periodically.

Bulk Rental

For institutions that don’t want to purchase appliances, MicroFridge® has an attractive rental program. When using the rental program the cost of the appliance can be passed on to the student. This allows the institution to better control appliance usage on campus.


In schools where previously purchased MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® units are close to warranty expiration, MicroFridge® offers a program to replace older units with newer, more energy-efficient models.


For schools concerned about potential electrical overloads in specific living quarters, MicroFridge® offers a “pilot” program with up to 15 MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® appliances supplied for testing purposes. If successful, the school agrees to place MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® appliances in a specific floor, wing or residence hall.