Healthy Eating for College Students

As colleges and universities finalize if and how students will be returning to campus, we all can agree it will be different this fall.

One thing we do know is that students will still have a microfridge in their dorm room. Whether your school hasn’t made drastic changes or you are just wanting to err on the side of caution, we’ve complied a list of recipes for you to try this upcoming school season, regardless of your diet or budget.

Thinking back on the food I consumed in my college days, it was not the pinnacle of health, at all! From eating uncooked ramen with the seasoning sprinkled on (by choice), Valveeta Shells & Cheese, and my all time favorite – sandwiches. Fruits and vegetables? Yea didn’t know those too well.

Understanding the basics of nutrition and what our bodies need is crucial to making it through college and pulling all-nighters. These tips from dietitian Malia Dunn help breakdown how accessible and simple this can be, while also debunking some myths (hangover cures and Freshmen 15).

Now for the good part – the recipes! Regardless of your dietary choices we have recipes and food ideas for you!

If you don’t have any dietary restrictions or are open to different foods these are for you:

Vegetarian Recipes

Vegan Recipes:


Keto Recipes:

Additional Resources:

If you try any of these recipes please let us know!

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