5 Reasons to Stay in an All-Suite Hotel

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5 Reasons to Stay in an All-Suite Hotel


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What is an all-suite? As the name implies, it’s a hotel with a suite for every guest. Staying at an all-suite hotel guarantees you a spacious room with a living area, kitchenette, and other desirable amenities.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? If you’re not convinced, we’ve got even more reasons to stay in an all-suite hotel on your next vacation!

1. You Get More Breathing Room

There’s lots to love about the hotel life: fresh sheets and towels, room service, and a complimentary mint on your pillow. But in a typical hotel room, space is not among those luxuries.

With each passing day, a cramped hotel room only seems to get smaller. The lack of space is especially tough for those travelling with young kids. Between the parents’ luggage and the children’s toys, there’s hardly room left to breathe.

With separate areas for sleeping, sitting, and meal prep, an all-suite hotel alleviates the space issue. It’s much easier to get along when everyone has their share of elbow room!

2. You’ll Have Some Privacy

Unless you’re adventuring alone, there’s no such thing as ‘me-time’ on vacation. Your travel companions are the first thing you see when you wake up, and the last thing you see (or hear, if they’re snorers) before falling asleep.

Such close contact with your friends or kinfolk can be the catalyst for cherished memories. But it can also be a bit overwhelming.

One of the benefits of an all-suite hotel room is that your home-away-from-home has some privacy. In most cases, there’s a doorway separating the sleeping and dining areas from the common space; suites often have a balcony as well.

If you need to make a private call or have a moment to yourself, you can do it in an all-suite.

3. Your Diet Won’t Take a Hike

Vacations and diets don’t go well together. Between the room service, the street vendors, and the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, it’s hard to eat healthy while staying in a hotel.

For families with kids, mealtime presents an entirely different challenge: keeping their picky eaters fed in a land of strange condiments and unfamiliar restaurant chains.

An all-suite hotel can solve both of these problems. Suites usually come with a microfridge, which boasts far more space than a typical hotel room mini-fridge. That, along with the kitchenette, lets you stock up on fresh ingredients and prepare meals in the comfort of your room.

4. You Won’t Leave Anything Behind

How many times have you forgotten something in a hotel room? No matter how many times you open the drawers and check under the bed, some things just seem to disappear.

Why does this happen? Usually, the problem is clutter. Hotel rooms are poorly-equipped when it comes to storage, so it’s hard to stay on top of things once they leave your suitcase.

That’s another reason to stay at an all-suite hotel. Not only are suites more spacious, they usually offer more in the way of drawers and closet space.

5. You’ll Actually Enjoy Spending Time There

Most people don’t plan to spend much of their vacation in the confines of the hotel. But sometimes, fate has other plans.

Maybe the weather turns foul. Someone comes down with a nasty stomach bug. You have to Skype into an emergency meeting. Whatever the case, we’ve all found ourselves stuck in the hotel when we’d rather be exploring.

But it’s not the end of the world. All-suite hotels are a head above the average hotel when it comes to in-room amenities, like music, video games, and movies on demand. And since the rooms are spacious and comfortable, it’s easier to settle in for the long haul.

Those are just some of the reasons to stay in an all suite-hotel. There’s no place like home, but a suite comes close!