$1000 Thank You Bonus for Frontline MicroFridge Staff Continues

In March of 2020, majority of states and provinces across North America declared a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, a large majority of employees have been working from home, except for a group of people essential to keeping companies and countries operating as normal – frontline workers.

Without these key people, Danby, which was deemed an essential business, would not be able to operate as required to deliver appliances across North America, which would include the many freezers sold to those needing to stockpiling groceries to avoid regular trips out.

“We are grateful to have our warehouse operations fully functional during these unprecedented times. A big thank you to our frontline workers who are practicing the guidelines set forth by the government, including social distancing, wearing a face covering and increased sanitation on a daily basis, disrupting their normal day-to-day work routines to keep themselves and each other safe” said Jim Estill, Danby President & CEO.

With the emergence of the new variant of COVID-19, which proves to be much more transmissible, Danby chose to be proactive and has implemented additional measures to ensure the safety of their frontline employees.

To support their frontline workers and thank them for the disruption to their work and dealing with the enhanced safety protocols, a thank you bonus was established and has been ongoing, non-stop since March. This gesture was Danby’s way to show their appreciation to these key employees. A $100 per month cash bonus has been given to any employee who was directly affected by these enhanced safety measures.

“This has been a challenging time for us all but an immense amount of work and commitment has been put forth by our frontline workers and we want to show them our gratitude” says Adam DeBuck, Danby Human Resources Manager.

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