Danby Health DH016A1W Medical Refrigerator – 1.6 Cubic Foot – White

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  • Temperature stability: engineered to maintain a steady temperature range.
  • Internal forced air fan ensures even cooling from top to bottom
  • Integrated temperature logger: tracks refrigerator readings, a simple and definitive solution to accurate temperature monitoring
  • High/low alarm: alarm sounds when fridge temperature rises or falls out of set range
  • Keyed door lock ensures ultimate temperature control and product safety
  • Hospital-grade power cord: this unit features a durable hospital grade green dot power cord
  • Compact design: Danby Health is made for fitting in, this unit is the perfect counter size for pharmacies, labs, clinics, research centers, beauty counters, senior homes, and medical offices
  • Includes silver-coated handle
  • 24-month warranty on parts and labor with carry-in service



The Danby Health pharmaceutical refrigerator combines innovative technology and proven reliability demanded by medical and clinical facilities. This medical refrigerator is the ideal option for storing temperature-sensitive goods. Cool air is evenly distributed and remains consistent, featuring an internal forced air fan and wire shelves. In addition, the integrated temperature logger measures the internal temperature every 10 minutes and stores the readings. This data is saved in a .csv file and can be extracted via USB at your convenience. Product safety is easily regulated with its high/low alarm, sounding when the temperature rises or falls outside the set range and keyed door lock. Lastly, this unit offers an overall professional look and performance with LED lighting and a hospital-grade power cord.


Product Dimensions
  • Product Width
    17 11/16"
    43.18 cm
  • Product Depth
    19 6/16"
    48.26 cm
  • Product Height
    20 14/16"
    50.80 cm
Package Dimensions
  • Package Width
    114.63 cm
  • Package Depth
    21 4/16"
    53.34 cm
  • Package Height
    22 5/16"
    55.88 cm
  • Product Weight
    40.68 lbs
    18.45 kg
  • Package Weight
    45.13 lbs
    20.47 kg


24 months