Model MFM-7TP

MicroFridge® Microwave

Features electronic touchpad controls pre-programmed recipes, express cook settings and adjustable beeper volume PLUS a fully integrated Charging Station allowing you to re-charge electronic devices with the safety and energy conservation benefits of Safe Plug® technology.

MicroFridge Model MFM-7TP Exterior Color: Black, White
Interior Color:  White
Total Capacity: 0.7 cu. ft.
Microwave Watts Output: 700
Charging Station: 4 amps max for both outlets combined
Height: 10.63 in
Width: 18.13 in
Depth: 12.81 in
Weight: 26 lbs
Shipping Weight: 29 lbs


MicroFridge® is a product of Intirion Corporation. Intirion, focuses on the development of products for small space living environments. Back in 1987, we invented the MicroFridge® brand refrigerator/freezer/microwave combination appliance to solve the problem of mini fridges and small appliances overloading circuits at colleges and universities, hotels, military facilities and assisted living residences.

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