Model SR001

Silhouette® Renoir

The Art of Wine

Silhouette Renoir Model SR001  

Unit dimensions (without frame)
Height: 82 1/16 in (208.5 cm)
Width: 28 1/8 in (71.5 cm)
Depth: 9 7/16 in (23.9 cm)
Shipping Weight: 286 lbs (130 kg)


Keep your varietals close at hand and easy to access! Our new contemporary 30 bottle wine display allows each and every bottle to be visible from the outside.

Big impact, little space!

At under 10” deep it can be mounted to a wall with minimal impact to space of the room. Pocket doors discreetly mounted in the side walls allow easy removal of an individual bottle of wine without disturbing its neighbors. Energy efficient LED lighting with three settings: On, Off, or Motion activated. Motion activated illuminates the cabinet as people approach then turns off automatically.

Powered by Zeronext technology which provides 3 key benefits:

  • Quiet: This system produces less than half the noise of a typical wine cooler
  • Maintains a consistent temperature throughout the interior and stabilizes the temperature of the wine within 1/4 degree
  • Vibration free zone: Virtually eliminates all the internal vibrations common in a typical wine cooler leaving your wine collection undisturbed

Triple pane Low E glass protects your wine collection from harmful UV light.

Door ajar alarm chimes when the door has not been fully closed.

Panel ready kit purchased separately.

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