Hotel Programs

MicroFridge® designs programs that meet the individual needs of each property that we serve. We will meet with your management team to discuss program options that satisfy your property's service and financial goals.


Free Shipping Program

When you purchase 40 or more MicroFridge® or snackmate by MicroFridge® combination units with a minimum subtotal of $4500, shipping is FREE*.

*Excludes the following models: 3.0MF4-7D1, 3.0MF4-7D1S, 3.0RMF4-7D1W, 3.0MF4-7TPS, 3.0MF4-7TPW, 4.8MF4-7D1, 4.8MF4-7D1W, 4.8MF4-9D1, 4.8MF4-9D1W, 10.3RMF4-9D1, 10.3MF4-9D1W.