Government & Military Ordering Info

MicroFridge® provides a full line of quality products including genuine MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® appliances and Maytag commercial and residential appliances for military housing and government offices throughout the United States and overseas. Appliances can be ordered through Intirion via the General Services Administration (GSA) and Air Force Non Appropriated Fund (AFNAF) schedules.

For MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® appliances, Maytag commercial laundry equipment and Maytag or Amana residential appliances:
AFNAF contract # F41999-95-D-6071 (Click to view contract)
GSA contract # GS-21F-0091H (Click to view contract)

For ordering options:

  • Purchase order direct to MicroFridge®/Intirion
  • Purchase through GSA Advantage
  • Purchase through GSA via Fedstrip/Milstrip/Muffin
  • Government credit card
  • MIPR
  • Whole Room Programs - we will team with whole room and whole office providers

For more information on MicroFridge®/Intirion products and programs, please call 1-800-637-7567 or request information online.