General Services Administration (GSA)

MicroFridge® makes it easy to order. Simply use any one of the following options to make a purchase:

  • GSA Advantage!™ (
  • GSA via Fedstrip/Milstrip/Muffin
  • Government credit card
  • Purchase order direct to MicroFridge®/Intirion
  • MIPR
  • Whole Room Programs - we will team with whole room and whole office providers, privatization contractors, architects, builders/developers
  • Maytag Direct (

GSA Contract

GSA Advantage provides the most convenient one-stop shopping source to meet all your procurement needs. With GSA Advantage you have…

  • the most reliable resource for Federal purchasers
  • the most comprehensive selection of approved products & services the ability to complete purchases quickly, with confidence, and at best value

Click here to view GSA contract.