Credit Application Instructions

Please follow these instructions when filling out the Credit Application:

  1. Completely fill out the Company Information section. This is mandatory.

    We will use this information to set up your account in our system. The address you provide is where invoices will be mailed.

  2. Bank and Trade References can be provided on a separate page.

    • Please call your Bank and Trade References and ask for their co-operation in providing references. They will shortly be receiving a credit reference request from Intirion.
    • Please list the Bank A/C Number(s). Without the A/C Number, it will be extremely difficult to get the bank reference.
    • Delays in processing credit applications most often occur because the reference information is incomplete or out-of-date. PLEASE make sure all the information you supply is current.
    • Do not use utility companies or credit card accounts as references. 
    • Make sure you have done business with the listed companies in the past 12 months.
    • Make sure the companies you list are willing to provide a reference. Many companies have policies that prohibit them from providing credit references.

  3. Please complete the top part of Page 2 making sure that a Signature and Printed Name is in place.

    Your account CANNOT be set up if the Application is unsigned.

  4. Please attach tax-exempt documentation if applicable.

Credit Application (PDF) Click here to download or print Credit Application.