Consumer Testimonials

“I like the MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® combination appliance because it's compact and takes up less room than separate appliances. I live on the 9th floor of my residence hall, so transporting only one piece of equipment makes my life much easier. Plus, it's cheaper than purchasing a microwave and refrigerator/freezer. I also love it because there's a big freezer and plenty of shelf space in the fridge for drinks, sandwich meat, hot pockets, and milk for cereal. The microwave is really strong and can heat up leftovers from the school cafeteria, too. My Mom saw the advertisements in school packets and thought it was a great idea and investment.”

Kendall, Student at University of Mississippi

“I felt better buying a quality product that was also good for the environment and saved energy. One of the reasons I preferred the MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® combination appliance to other products was the Energy Star rating. That was a nice bonus. I purchased a MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® unit through the mail and it was delivered to my dorm room before I even arrived at school. It has a ton of shelf space for food, and I can easily fit in several 2 liter bottles. I feel comfortable keeping the MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® in my dorm room because of the Safe Plug® feature. That was another great bonus. I have no complaints at all. It's been very convenient.”

Adam, Student at University of Massachusetts

“I had moved to off-campus housing, and wanted to have quick meals available without walking too far during the Pittsburgh winters. It was very convenient. The freezer was great because I could store several frozen dinners in it, and I was surprised that the refrigerator held as much as it did. I could fit three 2-liter bottles on the door's shelf, and then have plenty of room left for cold cuts and other groceries. I kept my MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® when I graduated from college and it's been great because it doesn't use up much electricity and costs so little to use. When I move into a bigger house, I intend to keep the MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® in my study room or family room. I'm really glad that I bought the MicroFridge® with Safe Plug®, and would definitely recommend it to others as a great investment.”

Matthew, Student at Carnegie Mellon University

“My Dad was all set to buy a small refrigerator and microwave for my dorm room when we found out that Wake Forest provides a MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® in student rooms. I especially like the separate freezer that actually keeps things frozen – not like the little plastic door inside the small refrigerator that you find in most stores. My parents like the Safe Plug® feature because my roommate and I have so many things plugged into the wall.”

Laura, Student at Wake Forest University

“My parents bought me a small refrigerator for college. At first I thought it was great, but then I found that the ice compartment didn’t keep things frozen. My sister got a MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® and it has a separate freezer and the microwave is attached to the top. It’s so much better than mine.”

Sarah, Student at Endicott College

“Having a MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® combination appliance in the nursery makes caring for my baby much easier. If he starts to cry at night, I can keep my eye on him while preparing his formula and it eliminates the need for me to go down to the kitchen in the wee hours. And the microwave is especially convenient because I can heat up the water container I use to warm the baby's formula. I also use the microwave to warm water for washcloths and baby-wipes. I also find the large freezer is a great place to store teething rings. With my MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® nearby I can respond to the baby's needs more quickly and conveniently. And we all sleep better for it!”

Cheryl, Stoneham, Massachusetts

“When we were preparing for an Au Pair to stay with us, we set up her own living quarters to give her privacy when she was off duty. The MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® combination appliance enables her to have access to her favorite foods and snacks without having to trek all the way to the kitchen. It also helped conserve space in our already crowded family refrigerator. Now she can heat tea, microwave popcorn and eat ice cream right in her own room without having to be interrupted by our three little rug rats.”

David & Kathy, Brookline, New Hampshire

“During the summer we look forward to outdoor cooking and dining. To keep trips to and from the kitchen to a minimum, we installed a MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® combination appliance in a small gardening shed next to our patio. The refrigerator keeps uncooked foods safe until ready for the grill, and the separate freezer provides an endless supply of ice cubes. Best of all, it's compact size let us tuck it into a corner of a small shed, and it's low power consumption meant we could safely plug it in to the single outlet in the shed.”

Adrienne & John, Miami Beach, Florida

“I've turned an unused bedroom into a media center, complete with plasma screen TV and surround sound, and I don't want to miss a minute of the action. o I also installed a MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® combination appliance within easy reach of my new leather recliner. It's like having a movie theater concession stand right at my side. I can make popcorn, grab a cold drink, even cook up a pizza any time I want. And the MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® is whisper quiet, so when I'm watching a movie it never intrudes in those dramatic silent moments.”

John, Los Angeles, California

“We bought our daughter the MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® combination appliance for convenience. Having quick meals available has been a great time saver for her - especially in the morning before classes. She can grab breakfast quickly before rushing off to class, and she can have late night snacks while studying. She plays a lot of sports and uses the refrigerator to save water and snacks for after late night practices. The Safe Plug® feature was also very important because it greatly reduces the chance of fire. She'll own the MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® for all 4 years she's away at school and then may use it while away at graduate school. It's got great long-term use value”

Ezra, Father of Seton Hall University student

“We heard about MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® through the college, and wanted to purchase one to add some comfort to our son's first time living away from home. I also felt better knowing that the MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® combination appliance would allow him to store frozen dinners, snacks and drinks in his room. I didn't want him walking to the store late at night after the cafeteria had closed. He loves popcorn, so he can microwave his favorite snack while studying into the night. The Safe Plug® feature which uses only one wall socket, was a huge plus when deciding to purchase a MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® unit. The delivery went very smoothly. Our son will use it during all 4 years at college, and then we'll probably sell it to our neighbor's kids.”

Mary Beth, Mother of Illinois Wesleyan University student