Commercial Grade Quality

Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in colleges, hotels, military facilities and assisted-living residences, MicroFridge® is available to you through our on-line store. MicroFridge® products are so durable we are able to provide an exceptional 2-year limited warranty on our line of combination units. (That's twice as long as the warranty offered on appliances sold in retail stores.) It is a unique promise attributed to the unsurpassed quality that you can expect when ordering your MicroFridge® combination appliance.

Here are a few of the quality features that you'll find ONLY with MicroFridge:

  • NEW 1st Defense™ Smoke Sensor: a patented internal smoke sensor located in the microwave senses smoke and turns of the microwave when it senses smoke helping to prevent fire alarms from things like burnt popcorn.
  • NEW USB front charge station: safely power up small electric devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets.
  • Patent Safe Plug® internal circuitry: draws only 11 amps, reducing risk of circuit overloads.
  • Separate zero-degree freezer: keeps up to 5 frozen pizzas, truly frozen.
  • One plug operation: use just one wall socket to operate 3 appliances.
  • ENERGY STAR® rated: more energy-efficient than most other compact models.