1st Defense
Smoke Sensor

Our patented internal smoke sensor helps prevent fire alarms and unnecessary building evacuations.

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Our Next Generation
of MicroFridge®

NEW MicroFridge® offers top tier safety, convenience and next generation features-including patented internal smoke sensor and USB charging station.

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NEW Danby® One Plug

At 199kWh the One-Plug-to-the-wall operating system with 3 minute delay saves you valuable outlet space and ensures less wear and tear on the refrigerator's compressor.

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An extensive line of refrigerators, microwaves and specialty appliances

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NEW 1st Defense Smoke Sensor

Our NEW patented internal smoke sensor automatically shuts down microwave operation and alerts the user of smoke before any damage is done.


Lowest Annual Energy Consumption

Our new 3.1MF4R and 3.1MF4RS refrigerators have an annual energy consumption of only 210 kWh-the lowest in the industry for a refrigerator this size.