Introducing the Next Generation of MicroFridge®

What if your combination appliance helps prevent unnecessary fire alarms from going off?

We believe placing safety first is courageous, inspiring and a professional choice. We believe in making a smart decision and trusting the companies you do business with.

We are dedicate in making your residences or guests’ living conditions safe and enjoyable by leading the way in innovation and durability.

We are MicroFridge® with patented Safe Plug™ and 1st Defense Smoke Sensor technology, and we love designing the industry’s safest combination appliance.

Safety Comes First™

NEW Danby® One Plug™

Confidence is knowing what you need versus what you want

We believe confidence is knowing what you need versus what you want, using the right tool for the right job and in rewarding hard work.

We work diligently to make a reliable, efficient one-plug-to-the-wall combination appliance to provide your students, guests, and resident with a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

We are Danby® One Plug™ and we are we are a reliable one-plug-to-the-wall combination appliance.