Office Testimonials

“A small business like ours doesn't have a lot of space. But what we do have is a MicroFridge® combination appliance. Using less space than a file cabinet, we can store sodas, sandwiches and cream for our coffee and heat late night snacks when we're working on deadline.

And since MicroFridge's only require one outlet, it's great in a small office where circuits are already pushed to the limit. Now we have the room to store and freeze what we need and heat it in a flash. Our staff loves it!”

The Commonwealth Group

“At our car dealership, the MicroFridge® helps us treat our customers more like guests while waiting for their automobiles to be repaired. We keep it filled with complementary beverages and snacks including real cream for their coffee.

Plus, customers can heat up their muffins or pastry in the microwave. And in the summer, we store cold lemonade and iced tea and use the freezer to store popsicles for the kids. Microwave popcorn is a big hit, too. It's a small appliance that makes a big difference to customer satisfaction.”

Gervais Lincoln Mercury

“The MicroFridge® has been a real time and money saver in our office. Before we installed the MicroFridge®, we made due with a small refrigerator that had no freezer, and a basic microwave with barely enough power to pop popcorn. Both were tucked into separate corners of a small supply room. As a result, we didn't make much use of either, and often had to make trips to local stores for food and beverages for ourselves or for guests during meetings with clients. The MicroFridge® offered a dramatic improvement. First, its compact size meant we could fit it just about anywhere without having to keep the microwave separate. Second, the separate freezer and refrigerator had enough combined capacity to stored lunch items for the office staff, and snack foods to share with guests. Third, our office is in an older building, and the added safety of the Safe Plug™ feature meant we wouldn't have to be concerned about overloading wiring.”

O'Sullivan Communications

“The MicroFridge® combination appliance has been very convenient for the office because it lets us bring our lunch to work. Now we can save more because we aren’t forced to buy take-out every day at work. It’s also great because it holds so much food, but takes up so little space in the employee break room. I looked into buying separate appliances, but the break room has only one electrical socket. The MicroFridge® runs a freezer, microwave, and refrigerator on only one power cord, so that solved my problem perfectly. We store sodas, snacks, lunches, heat up tea and coffee, make popcorn – it’s great! The MicroFridge® has been such an affordable improvement for my business that I purchased one for each of my salons.”

Fantastic Sams