Hotel Testimonials

“Many hoteliers are very price conscious and want the cheapest thing available. I try to educate my customers about the benefits of MicroFridge® – especially the superior warranty and unparalleled customer service. Further, I explain that rather than spending less money up front, and needing to replace units more often – with MicroFridge® you end up paying less over the long term for a better quality product. I am so satisfied with MicroFridge® products and service that I won’t offer anything else to my customers – it’s just not worth the aggravation.”

Bonnie Golz, President
Midwest Lodging Supply

“I wouldn't sell any other combination appliance - my customers ask for MicroFridge® by name. From placing an order to calling for service, if necessary – dealing with MicroFridge® is a pleasure, other companies just don’t measure up.”

Biju Daniel

“I have used MicroFridge® in all my properties for over 15 years now. I especially like the Safe Plug® feature because there aren’t a lot of wires behind the unit – it provides a cleaner look in the room plus outlets can be used for other things. And because we advertise that MicroFridge® is in the room – our guests often stay longer because they feel more comfortable having this convenience available to them. It’s the only brand I use – I would strongly recommend using MicroFridge® in all guest rooms. Good service, great features, quality product. I’m not saying this just to be nice – this is really how I feel!”

Punam Amin
Shamin Hotel Group

“MicroFridge® has been a long time partner with Choice Hotels - chosen because it’s a unique product in the appliance category. Our properties consistently provide positive feedback that the product is of the highest quality, long-lasting and is readily available. The best thing about MicroFridge® is the Safe Plug® feature which saves electricity and outlets, too. MicroFridge® represents a great value for our properties.”

Gary Bennett
Director Business Development
Choice Hotels International

“In today's market, providing the guest as many amenities as possible is very crucial. We have been buying MicroFridge® units for quite some time now for all our properties. We found that other companies manufacture products that break down so often, and their parts are difficult to find. Our experience with MicroFridge® has taught us that this is a superior product in the market. The quality and service is of the highest standard. Spend your money wisely on a quality product and give your guests something they truly deserve. ... MicroFridge® is THE way to go.”

Anil Patel
Dynasty Hotels

“We use billboard and internet advertising to promote our MicroFridge® equipped rooms. Not only does it bring us business, but it also keeps people coming back! Extended-stay guests especially like the convenience of having a MicroFridge® in the room to store drinks and heat up meals and they appreciate the fact that they don’t have to pay extra for it! Backed by great service and knowledgeable reps, MicroFridge® combination units with energy-saving Safe Plug® technology are good looking appliances that present my properties in a positive light.”

Ken Patel
Conway Lodging, Inc.

“MicroFridge® has been a fixture in all our 100+ rooms for over 10 years. Before that, we had significant electrical problems – we were popping circuit breakers constantly when using separate fridges and microwaves. That stopped when MicroFridge® units with Safe Plug® circuitry were put in all guest rooms. MicroFridge® stands the test of time. Sure you can get cheaper units, but you’ll be buying them more often. MicroFridge® is an excellent investment – it has been the most reliable product I’ve ever put in my guest rooms.”

Greg Merritt, Partner and General Manager
Hampton Inn

“With 150 guest rooms, we appreciate the longevity of MicroFridge® units. We actually have units that are over 11 years old and are still working! In all those years, we have only replaced 2 units and have ordered new timers on 6 more – but that’s it. And another bonus is, if you do need parts, they are always readily available. Once you put MicroFridge® units in your guest rooms, you’ll be all set…the best thing about MicroFridge® units is that they’re maintenance free.”

John Sheridan, Chief Engineer
Comfort Inn & Suites

“The Safe Plug technology built into MicroFridge units is a great feature because you can still use it in custom situations. We have the combination units in case goods and can use the one-plug feature with no problem. We also have wet bar areas where the microwave is separate from the refrigerator but because of the proximity, the Safe Plug feature can still be utilized. Guests appreciate the convenience, but the best thing about a MicroFridge unit is its dependability… it’s fast becoming the industry standard."

Nash Patel
Southern Hospitality

“Feedback from guests has been very positive – they particularly like the spacious fridge and separate freezer. And while MicroFridge® offers a great warranty and on-site service, I haven’t needed it at all... Great warranty, great quality – they last and last! All our Guests love them!"

Tony Menendez
Best Western Flying J

“MicroFridge® is a great convenience for my guests. But I really appreciate the dedicated sales team to help me choose the best model for my needs – whether that involves selecting a unit with specific dimensions to fit inside an armoire or choosing an auto-defrost unit for easy maintenance. ...I am very happy with my MicroFridge® units!”

Naren Vivek
Maya Hospitality

“MicroFridge® has helped increase occupancy without the risk of overloading circuits which is especially important in some of my older properties. Plus, your service and warranty is superior, I never have to worry about any problem that may arise.”

Andrew Ogden
Ocean Properties

“The one-plug feature was a key factor in choosing MicroFridge® combination appliances. Even in new properties such as mine, wiring is an issue since many rooms are often wired together to save money on electrical expenses during construction. With MicroFridge’s patented circuitry, overloaded circuits aren’t a problem. … I highly recommend MicroFridge® – it’s simply a better unit!”

Naresh “Andy” Atma
Atma Enterprises