Don’t Blow a Circuit

MicroFridge® with Safe Plug® technology features a patented power management system that set our combination appliances apart from the rest. Our products are specifically manufactured to conserve electricity and reduce potential fire hazards that are caused by overloaded electrical circuits - especially important in older residences and dormitories. Plus, the charge station built into the front of the microwave gives you the convenience of re-charging laptops, cell phones, MP3 players and more without struggling to reach into inaccessible outlets.

MicroFridge® appliances with refrigerator/freezer and 700 watt microwave oven operate with just one plug inserted into one outlet socket and never draw more than 11 amps. This safety feature has an added benefit… it helps to conserve energy, which means that it will save you money when compared to other combination appliances.

In a MicroFridge® combination appliance, the refrigerator/freezer plugs into a special outlet on the back of the microwave, the microwave then plugs into the wall…using only one wall socket. When you purchase a refrigerator and a separate microwave, 2 power cords are needed to operate the appliances…with a MicroFridge® combination appliance, just one plug is needed. This feature regulates power to each appliance, to conserve electricity and free up wall outlets. Most importantly, it allows our combination units to be used safely, without special wiring, even in older buildings.