Charging Ahead

The microwave is engineered with a Dual-Outlet Charge Station – designed to re-charge your personal electronic devices. The secret behind this revolutionary new feature – not found on any other microwave - is our patented Safe Plug® power management system. Safe Plug® technology is responsible for safely allocating energy to the charging station, the refrigerator and the microwave. The 2 green lights on the front of the microwave indicate that the power management system is functional.

Here’s how it works:

The reset button on the RIGHT, is engineered as a safety feature for the outlet on the BACK of the microwave. This outlet is reserved exclusively for the MicroFridge® refrigerator - and allows it to operate in conjunction with the microwave. By plugging the refrigerator’s blue cord into the blue outlet on the back of the microwave, the Safe Plug® power management system becomes operational.

When the green light above the LEFT outlet is illuminated – BOTH outlets on the front of the microwave are ready to power up laptops, cell phones, iPods, digital cameras and other devices that draw FOUR amps or less. What happens if you plug in an item – or 2 items - that draw more than 4 amps combined? No worries – a built in safety feature turns off the green light, alerting you that no charging is taking place in the outlets. Simply unplug the item – or items - and hit the reset button on the left.

When you need to use the microwave while charging an item, you’ll notice that the green lights flash upon pressing the start button – so you know that the power management system is working – and power to the outlets is temporarily interrupted. Once cooking is complete, power to the Charge Station resumes and the green lights stop flashing.

Who else but MicroFridge® could create a system this safe and efficient?