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MicroFridge® Combination Appliances

2.4MF-7TP Model 2.4MF-7TP qty.  
2.4MF-7TPS Model 2.4MF-7TPS qty.  
2.9MF-7TP Model 2.9MF-7TP qty. ENERGY STAR
2.9MF-7TPS Model 2.9MF-7TPS qty. ENERGY STAR
2.9MF-7TPW Model 2.9MF-7TPW qty. ENERGY STAR
3.6MF-7TP Model 3.6MF-7TP qty. ENERGY STAR
3.6MF-7TPS Model 3.6MF-7TPS qty. ENERGY STAR
4.8MF-7CTP Model 4.8MF-7CTP qty.  
4.8MF-7CTPW Model 4.8MF-7CTPW qty.  

MicroFridge® Refrigerator

2.4MFR Model 2.4MFR qty.  
2.4MFRS Model 2.4MFRS qty.  
2.9MFR Model 2.9MFR qty. ENERGY STAR
2.9MFRS Model 2.9MFRS qty. ENERGY STAR
2.9MFRW Model 2.9MFRW qty. ENERGY STAR
3.6MFR Model 3.6MFR qty. ENERGY STAR
3.6MFRS Model 3.6MFRS qty. ENERGY STAR

MicroFridge® Microwave Oven

MFM-7TP Model MFM-7TP qty.  
MFM-7TPW Model MFM-7TPW qty.  
MFM-7TPS Model MFM-7TPS qty.  

snackmate by MicroFridge®

2.5SM-7TP Model 2.5SM-7TP qty. ENERGY STAR
3.0SM-7TP Model 3.0SM-7TP qty. ENERGY STAR
3.2SMA-7TP Model 3.2SMA-7TP qty. ENERGY STAR
3.4SM-7TP Model 3.4SM-7TP qty. ENERGY STAR

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